Immediate Capacity

Anjon Holdings can provide immediate operational support for:

  • The machining (mill, lathe or EDM) of metal parts in all common metals and polymers. Although traditionally focused on orthopedic devices, we can mill any part to 9 inches in size with tolerances and Swiss lathe stock to 17mm both at a PpK of 1.33 to 0.3 thousands of an inch .
  • Sterile barrier packing and sealing for Tyvek bags or standard Tyvek lidded trays. We have capacity in both our ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8 Controlled Environments
  • Sterilization via contractors using Co60 Gamma irradiation
  • Manual assemble of any mechanical pieces including manual assemble of convenient kits

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ISO 13485: 2016 Compliance

We continue to maintain our ISO 13485:2016 certificate – see: Quality


Anjon Holdings initiated mid-February a control program for COVID-19.

We monitor and stay current with FDA and CDC Guidelines:

On basic preparedness  –  On cleaning/sanitization

We already had a “no fever – no symptoms” policy for all workers and routinely enforced “stay at home” restrictions for illness. We continue with our TNSF (Temperature Normal- Symptom Free) to work policy. All our staff understand the need for social isolation and share their approaches to/experiences with this.

Staff not essential to production are working from home. We had co-incidentally installed a new Cisco VPN firewall at the start of February. We can securely process your data across a wide area network.

We have added additional sanitary cleaning of our common areas (staff break room, toilets and conference room) and entrances. Access to our facility is secured and only provided to workers and required deliveries. FEDEX is working diligently with us on hand washing and delivery transfers. We have ad hoc procedures for the use of PPE and 70% IPA to wipe down all incoming materials.