Introducing Anjon  –  ISO Class 7 Sterile Packaging  –  VDmax – A Short Summary

Anjon offers our customers the latest in CNC precision machining while also providing single sourcing for a wide variety of special processes to meet the needs of any project. Our commitment to exclusively serving the medical device industry, combined with over thirty years of precision machining, allows us to manufacture our customer’s projects efficiently and economically. This results in added value for our customers through quicker delivery and cost-efficient production.

High precision / tight tolerance Swiss Style Lathes with Gun Drilling

  • Manual Assembly
  • Vertical Mills: 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis & High Speed 5-axis
  • Swiss-Style Lathes: dual spindle, High-Speed, Gun-Drilling
  • ISO Class 7 & ISO Class 8 Controlled Environments
  • Tyvek® bag heat sealers; Tyvek/Thermoform tray sealers
  • Laser Marking
  • Wire EDM
  • CMM and Vision inspection